Global standards for influencer marketing

Setting global standards for influencer marketing of alcohol

The increased use of digital channels has transformed the way people interact with brands and see advertising. In September 2021, IARD members formed a unique partnership with leading global advertising, public relations and influencer agencies to lead the way in setting robust standards for the marketing of alcohol on social channels. 

IARD members launched a set of tools to support brands, agencies, and influencers who market alcohol on social channels to feel confident they are creating responsible content and helping prevent those underage from seeing alcohol marketing.   

  • The Influencer Guiding Principles set out five specific safeguards that apply to any content involving influencers who work with the leading beer, wine, and spirits producers  

  • The Influencer Pledge is a joint commitment from IARD members and agencies on the standards they will adhere to when marketing alcohol, with a focus on transparency, abiding by local laws, and promoting understanding of responsible drinking in the content they produce. 

  • An Influencer how-to video clearly shows influencers the standards they should follow when promoting alcohol on their social channels. This video has been translated into GermanTurkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Korean, French, Vietnamese, and Chinese