Partnership with digital platforms to deliver responsible marketing standards

Putting in place further safeguards to prevent minors seeing alcohol marketing

Since 2018, IARD members have been working with the world’s most prominent digital platforms to establish new standards of marketing responsibility. Together, they want to make it easy for even the smallest producer to implement effective safeguards to prevent minors seeing alcohol marketing online.  


Improving age screening 

IARD members are implementing age screening on online channels, complemented by specific and platform-appropriate technology, to help ensure marketing reaches only those over the legal purchase age. The partnership continues to work to improve these protections and roll out safeguards that help new alcohol-related channels or campaigns market responsibly.  

Giving users the choice to block marketing from beer, wine, and spirits producers  

The partnership wants to give people greater control over whether they see alcohol-related marketing online, respecting that adults’ personal preferences and cultural differences are important considerations that require the same level of sensitivity and action as preventing minors seeing alcohol marketing online. 

2020 Minimum age for branded content posts on Instagram

2021 Google to expand controls to let users limit alcohol ads