Drinking and Cancer

This Health Review focuses on cancer sites associated with alcohol consumption as identified by the World Cancer Research Foundation and the International Agency for Research on Cancer. Due to the limited availability of national cancer statistics in many countries, U.S. data – which is publicly available and annually updated – is sometimes used to illustrate cancer risk in this review.

Last reviewed: July 2019

IARD Health Reviews offer a referenced overview of recent peer-reviewed, published research on the relationship between alcohol consumption and health outcomes. They are not intended to be exhaustive representations of all scientific research on a given subject and, as research is constantly evolving, they might not include the most recent findings. 

These materials do not necessarily reflect the views of IARD or its member companies. The reviews report the findings of the referenced studies and are not intended to advise individuals about their drinking. People with specific questions about their drinking are encouraged to consult a healthcare professional. Together, they can determine what is best for that individual based on individual risk factors, including family history, genetics, and lifestyle. For some people, the better choice may be to not drink at all. 

IARD Health Reviews should be read in their entirety and not misrepresented or taken out of context.  

Chapter 1 Background (July 2021)
Chapter 2 Drinking and breast cancer (July 2021)
Chapter 3 Drinking and colorectal cancer (July 2021)
Chapter 4 Drinking and upper airway digestive tract cancers (coming soon)
Chapter 5 Drinking and liver cancer (coming soon)
Chapter 6 Drinking and stomach cancer (coming soon)
Chapter 7 Drinking and kidney cancer (coming soon)
Chapter 8 Discussion of conceptual and methodological issues  (October 2021)