Insights: The value of hospitality venues to social and mental wellbeing

This report describes the results of polling by YouGov and focus groups conducted by World Thinks between May and August 2021. These results are exploratory and the value of hospitality venues to social and mental wellbeing should be more fully explored as further research is conducted into the consequences of the pandemic.

Key insights from YouGov research of over 11,000 adults across 10 countries
  • Hospitality venues make an important contribution to social and mental wellbeing. 

    • 66% of adults polled agreed the social and mental wellbeing of the general population has been negatively impacted as a direct result of the closure of hospitality venues

    • 45% agreed that their own social and mental wellbeing had been negatively affected by closure of cafes, bars, and restaurants

    • Since lockdowns, 57% of adults have a better appreciation for the contribution the hospitality sector brings to their own social and mental wellbeing

  • Hospitality venues offer important spaces for people to reconnect with others around them, promoting positive social and mental wellbeing

    • Over one-in-five (22%) said cafés, bars, and restaurants now have greater significance as places to avoid feelings of loneliness 

    • 45% agreed that socializing with friends and family outside the home once any restrictions lifted has had the biggest impact on their happiness

    • Most adults (71%) agreed that the measures introduced because of COVID-19 have improved their café, bar, and restaurant experience